Control Your Space at the Touch of a Button

Control Your Space at the Touch of a Button

Discover the benefits of automation systems in Littleton, CO

As a business owner, you value efficiency and simplicity. Automation systems can make your business easier to operate and control. Nova Media Solutions, Inc. designs, sells and installs remote technology incorporated (RTI) business automation systems in Littleton, Colorado. Our systems are specially designed for user-friendliness. Even those with little to no experience with technology can use them. You'll have full control of audio and video throughout your space by just pressing a few buttons.

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Automate any part of your space

Do you own a resort or athletic facility? You can automate your swimming pool lighting and temperature. Maybe your sports bar is decked out with TVs-you can automate those as well. Our team is made up of seasoned experts who understand our products and can create a system that simplifies your life. Our lighting, surveillance and AV control systems are specially designed to save you money.

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